Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Clipped wings

Schools out ! And it has brought trouble to my boss at home, his step son is now 18 and promptly went out and got a new truck payment, cell phone payment and insurance. He thinks his parents owe it to him to pay his debts,so he can go to school. even though his High School grades were not great. He has just being a slacker( as I was at his age) the boss wants him gone and the kids Mom does not see that as fair. I am torn, I think if he made an honest effort to go to Sinclair get registered and pay for it up front, than yes he should get to stay until he graduates college. On the other hand I think the kid would be happy as hell if he would get his on place and set his own rules. I lingered at home for a couple of years after HS and when I finally moved out I remembered thinking "why the hell did I wait so Long?". Not sure what will come of this the boss and his wife are in big fight over it the "D" word has been thrown around, unfortunately he has never been aloud to discipline the boy. Now it is all coming to a head, I think it is time for his step-son to spread his wings and fly away. Another reason why I am glad I do not have kids.