Monday, July 27, 2009

The First sting of the year

Received my first Yellowjacket sting it got my left ear, ouch! Although ouch was not what I said, went to a care facilty to get a cortizone shot in my rear. I had to wait a bit for care, once I got in they took care of me. I have a feeling that this will be a multiple sting year. I would not care as much, but; when I get stung I swell up pretty bad. Luckliy I do not go into anaphaltic shock.
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follow the link there is a great description about the image from the photographer, Thanks.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


We sold are house last week! Yeah, it was a house my wife renovated with help from friends and fam. When I met her it was what defined who she was well at least half of that the other half was Antioch. She put her heart and soul in to the place so we lived there for a short while after we were married. We realized that we could live cheaper in Dayton and have similar benefits, we do not have children so Yellow Springs school district did not benefit us nor was the Dayton school district a negative. We were also under the impression we would sell her house quick. This is that lesson "do not make assumptions", we had a realtor for 6 months she had 6 showings in this time period. She never advertised in the local paper nothing, left a bad taste, plus when figured out how much she would get for the very little work she did we broke the contract and rented the property so we could make the house note. We then decided to go FSBO, this year we had a renter whom was OK with having the house up for sale while she lived there. She received a discount for this, everyone benefited. We were finally able to have the house on the market at the right time for a long enough period of time. The lady we worked with she loved the house and is already digging to develop her landscaping. She was straight up from the start I personally am very thankful that she purchased the property. One because it takes a load off our shoulders, but; also so the property now will be a home, not become a run down rental property as it was when my wife bought it.