Wednesday, November 4, 2009

ubuntu 9.10

Ubuntu I did a fresh install of Ubuntu 9.10 this week and have been real happy with it on my desktop. The default theme seemed fresh and not so brown, I changed the the window borders to a black over glossed theme. I have been happy with the little things it is snappier, I am using Evolution it is a good replacement for Thunder-bird, it syncs with my Google calendars. A lot of things I am happy with I believe have as much to do with Gnome development. Nautilus just gets better, the back button works no need for xbindkeys. The biggest tweaks I did were a startup firewall script, use my keyboard to wake from suspend and change the xsplash to an all black field(the spotlight theme was not for me). I have not witnessed the fast boot times, that was never a big concern on my Desktop. I can see the boot times being more important to me on my netbook maybe. Over all I am happy with the new Ubuntu.