Tuesday, December 22, 2009

10 gone

Really odd hearing others talk, it just sunk in that the end of the first decade of the 21 century has past. Even saying it still means nothing, everyone is reflecting back. Imagine if we reflected on the past like this year round. Maybe we would stop repeating the mistakes of the past. Or maybe we would be more empathetic towards one another. Nope we save it up for the end of things once the mistakes are made once it is to late to turn back. Of course the other thing is people are reflecting on things on like Lindsay Lohan posing nude or if Brad and (insert womens name here) will do this or that. Kinda makes me ill, I hear everyone talk of free will but they celebrate when they are told, they are kind when they are told and mean when they are told. Surprisingly things do look better to me down the road. Conformity will always be the standard thats OK. I have learned from my past is I really do not want everyone liking the things I am doing. I hope they continue to think whatever I am doing is dumb or crazy. I do not want to watch things I like get hijacked by the masses. they have already hijacked the "punk" aesthetic there are skateboarding coaches now not long before it is a school activity. That is just wild to me.