Thursday, August 27, 2009


I need to finish my math requirements to move on with my degree. I am stuck because at Sinclair Community College math department they require you to buy and use MYMATHLAB which last I checked only worked in Windows in IE. I do not use Windows, I use Linux, but; what is annoying to me is that I believe most of the technology used in MYMATHLAB is java and flash. So their proprietary plug in is used for login's I would guess maybe server connection. I wonder why they would not just use SSO. There is no reason I can see why they have choose to be OS dependent(other than money). Java and Flash work in most modern browsers, Firefox works on Windows, Linux and Mac. I think it is even more annoying to me because it is a community college who gets funding from taxes, they should strive to to be accessible. Using software that is OS dependent when it is not needed is wrong. If you are in a degree program that has an industry standard then you may end up having to use one platform or another. What I am talking about is elementary math, math at this level is not dependent on anything, but; pencil and paper. This has been a huge road block to me I guess I will have to move on and find another way to fulfill the math requirements needed. I am sure my college will not change their ways.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I feel the reality of life has the surface strength of a soap bubble. We as a collective are all walking around continuing our act of "who we are" . The moment we let go of that, is the moment all of reality falls apart. I would guess it to be like taken that first step before falling of a cliff, but; never hitting the ground.  You may never take the first step, but, the thought of it provokes a feeling of fear and curiosity  of the unknown. In the same sense there seems to be a comfort on the other side of the soap bubble. I believe we have all spent small moments on the other side, when a situation becomes bigger than ourselves and we just exist without our ego driving us into a brick wall.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Quick Reply and Broccoli Flowers

I decided to contact an old friend via email recently, I was nervous doing this because lately it seems like email has become a one way system. So I was amazed when I received a reply with in a minute or less. The irony was that is was just a courtesy email, saying they would be back in the office in two weeks. It gave me a little chuckle, it was a reflection of my own neurosis.
I had never considered broccoli as a flowering plant. I suppose  broccoli florets should have been a clue. Anyhow here is a shot of a flowering broccoli.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Reverse Scheduling

Ah Summer, NOT! I landscape for a living so when the weekend comes I do not want to spend more time in the Sun. During the day I stay inside or at least in the shade. Now on the flip side, my friends an family all work inside so when the weekend comes they want to be outside in the sun on the beach taking vacations (which I can not hardly do because summer vacation are a no go). So it is a SNAFU, in the summer communication i.e. email and such drops off and spending time together in summer spikes. Since I do not want to be in the Sun so much I end up feeling like I am in some odd communications black out.