Monday, January 18, 2010

How I found Linux (what I posted on Linux Outlaws)

I was given a Redhat disk in 1999, I ended up passing it on :( so..  flash forward to 2006 my XP install got bricked lost a dll, DELL support told me I was going to have to do a fresh install and wipe out all of my files, my wife is photographer plus my music,  so that was not an option. The second problem was I would have to wait for DELL to send me a XP disk, I did not have access to an XP disk, so recovery console was out of the question.  The thought I had was if I could just put a new copy of the dll in the proper directroy, but how was the question. LIVE CD!  I downloaded Ubuntu edgy LiveCD and the dll to be replaced, in the process of fixing XP I decided to setup Ubuntu as dual boot.  XP quickly became only used to play T.H.U.G. and KOTOR.  The part that actually hooked me, was that when I installed edgy I was using the VESA drivers, which would not support Beryl. Because I had a ATI Graphics card, I spent hours tweaking xorg.conf so I could use Beryl. Doing so I realized the freedom to tweak Linux and the communities kicked ass.  I finally wiped out my XP partition when I did a fresh install of 7.10. I have been using Ubuntu as my desktop distro till recently. I started looking around tried Debian Sid for a bit.Next I installed Arch and I am really digging Arch I like how much I can tweak things, the same thing that pulled me in to Linux in the first place.