Sunday, January 10, 2010

nm-applet in Debian Sid unable to edit connections, RTL-8169 network card blocked

When I installed Debian Sid it configured my integrated network connection instead of my PCI network card. I could not edit my connection nor configure my PCI card via nm-applet or even ifup or ifconfig. In nm-applet the connection it showed I was unable to edit . It listed this connection as ifupdown (eth1), which I wanted to set the ip address manually. I was able to create a second connection that would use my integrated network card, but; I had to reconnect whenever I restarted the computer. The default was always ifupdown(eth1), a few things were curious to me one I could not edit this connection even as root, the name ifupdown and even though the module was loaded for my PCI card I could not use it. My thought was ifupdown was configuring everything when the services were started. I figured this caused my  PCI card to be blocked and the integrated one unable to be edited. So what I did to be able to use my PCI card, and edit the other connections, I edited my


I changed:  managed=false to managed=true

then I also in : /etc/network/interfaces the two lines under primary network interface I hashed them out. I changed it from

# The primary network interface
 allow-hotplug eth1
 iface eth1 inet dhcp


# The primary network interface
#allow-hotplug eth1
#iface eth1 inet dhcp

(could have deleted them, but; just in case my hunch was wrong I hashed them out)

Then I restarted the computer and that did it. The ifupdown connection was gone and I was able to use which ever network card and set my static ip as I wanted.