Sunday, January 3, 2010

Terminator in Fedora 12

I just installed Fedora 12 yesterday. I have used mostly Debian and Ubuntu on my desktop, and Arch on a older laptop. So it seemed time to try something else. So far so good, it has been little things to get used to. Like the program Terminator every time you quit, it displayed "I'll be back" in Notify. I had never seen this in Ubuntu before, the first time I laughed, well then it just kinda annoyed. So I decided I wanted to get rid of it. thought I would find it in gconf-editor no go. After reading a couple of mailing list I found what I needed to do was remove the last lines from


what I had to remove was :

import pynotify
icontheme = gtk.IconTheme()
icon = icontheme.lookup_icon(APP_NAME, 48, 0)
notification = pynotify.Notification('Terminator', "I'll be back", icon.get

That was it, it is not coming back.