Thursday, January 14, 2010

Trying Arch Linux

OK I have been obsessed with finding a new Linux distro tried Fedora not for me , was using Debian Sid, but; could not for the life of get Gwibber 2.0 to install with out errors. So... I thought I would try Arch and so far so good was able to get Gwibber installed by following this guide mostly. Thanks CD Wiki, I had to do three things different. Instead of installing yaourt -S pywebkitgtk-svn  I had to use yaourt -S pywebkitgtk and I also needed yaourt -S python-mako pycurl  That did it Gwibber 2.0 started no problems. So far I like Arch I am able to use all of the packages I need, I am using Wicd instead nm-applet, my first time trying Wicd, I like it. I was able to set up my static IP with out any issues with Wicd. Pacman and Yaourt really make sense to me coming from using Aptitude , it was a easy switch. I started using Linux via Ubuntu Edgy, learned a lot about xorg.conf  in my first weak. I was using and ATI graphics card at the time, I learned a lot using Ubuntu. I have been using Ubuntu continuously since Edgy, I was looking for a change. I first tried Arch on a old laptop it gave life to that old machine. That is another reason why Arch seems like a good change. I will probably install Eeebuntu/EB4 on my net book when they release the beta. You never know it may end up Arch on it also :)