Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chicken Coop

abstract, originally uploaded by highfructose327.
This painting is an abstract that I used chicken wire, plaster, oil paints and encaustic on ply wood. I wanted to experiment with fresco, to make sure the plaster adhered to the board, I used chicken wire, it took on a life of its own. I had high hopes of trying buon fresco, not so successful, ended being more like fresco-secco which is still a lofty aspiration. I applied the plaster with a notched putty knife which gave some nice texture. The encaustic(wax) as it cooled was interesting, when first melted and hot, I could get an almost glass like surface. As the wax cooled the wax would get lumpy and take on a rough texture like 60 grit sand paper. I tired applying the oil paint in many different ways from very fat to very thin layers, using varied brush strokes. It was a piece I learned a lot from, I am was happy with finished image.