Saturday, February 20, 2010

Clown Suit

My friend Christy  and I are both currently unemployed, recently I asked her  how the job search was going. She said not so well,and that she wanted a job where she could dress up and wear shoes that went clippty cloppty when she walked, I got kick out of this. She explained she wanted to have a secretarial job "so I feel like I am doing something with my life". Then she preceded to say  how a job like this would keep her from having to wear a uniform an dumb uniforms were.  I got defensive because I wore a uniform at a job for ten years, and  she did not recognize having to dress to a certain standard is a uniform. Then of course I flapped my gums saying "I do want to work a job were I have to wear a monkey suit or khaki's" , and how stifling that would be for me. 

As the day wore on I thought more about this, I loved my blue collar job, I do not automatically see the white collar world as a step up. She watched her father struggle in a print shop and her mother work whatever she could. The white collar job is a step up to her, saying "so I feel like I am doing something with my life" brings the point home.  I am happy for her that she knows what will give her self worth in a job, I can not say the same. We just have different values, that is good.

In the end we are all wearing uniforms, is it the uniform that quiets your soul or are you wearing a clown suit. I have looked like Bozo quite a few times, my friend Mark said  "If you wear something and it feels like a clown suit than you need to change" that can be as simple as an outfit or as big as your whole life. I do not feel like I am wearing a clown suit, which is good, however; I just feel naked some days.