Monday, February 22, 2010

Coffee and reading

Just sitting in downtown Dayton at the Boston Stoker drinking a cup of coffee just finished my first book on the A+ certification. I am going to start reading the second book I purchased for A+ and start the pre-test. The interesting part was putting together the knowledge I had and the knowledge I was lacking(still lacking) some things mad so much more sense to me. Other items I felt pretty confident in my knowledge. The GUI stuff was actual new to me I was amazed at what commands in the command line are similar in the unix world to the windows world. I enjoy the learning and get excited to try to apply the some of the concepts, i am of course not looking forward to the test which is after all the final goal.

Another two post I read today that were interesting was on by Jeff Attwood talking about applicant's applying for coding jobs who can not code a simple program(not that I can) I would imagine a lot of industries are spending time interviewing many applicants who have no credentials or poor skills. That may be me soon hopefully I will only be lacking credentials and have the basic skills needed to be of use to a company.  In his comments section someone mentioned The Dunning-Kruger effect it is an interesting idea, I am sure we may ll suffer from either side at some point in our lives, maybe?
Just a few thoughts.