Thursday, February 11, 2010

Crayons: primary, secondary and tertiary

In Ignore Everybody the author  talked about just creating, not caring if you would ever make a dime, its good for the soul. What I got from ch. 7 was that as a child your given crayons and you create, that is our natural state to create to make something. As we get older society says no that's wrong, because it is different. I know it seems like common sense,but; reading it reaffirms or even reawakens the idea.  I am glad people stepped outside of the mold, we would still be running from predators, or extinct. If that first cave man who fashioned a spear had not. We would be a part of the 99% of animals that ever lived are extinct group. 

I want to keep creating or I may go extinct. I do not feel I have a big problem with creating for the sake of creating. I am going to take they idea very literal and buy some crayons. There is a simplicity of creating with crayons, back to the basic tools. Take away the precision of a pen, the fluid movement of paint or the use encaustic, which is one of crayons pretentious cousins. In my mind I had mostly just left crayons for the coloring books. I think it will be a fun exercise to buy a box of twelve crayons and see what happens.  Crayons are a interesting medium, they blend well you can melt the marks you make, they are not caustic( can't say that about paints) I do remember I did some simple drawing on old photographs with crayons which was interesting.   I have quite few things I want to try should be fun!