Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Myth that is Fairgreen

I lived on a street named Fairgreen between 1998 and 2005, between 1998 and 2003, I was very happy there. I liked my job, it was stable I more or less did what I wanted. I hiked two or three times a week I was working out consistently and my bills were paid. It was place with no drunks stomping around yelling F@(& unless it was me. I was also very stupid, I did not do any planning. I invested poorly spent unwisely and frankly screwed myself. It was an odd time I learned a lot about myself between those years. I was very intuitive to some things and blind to others. I think it comes from the idea, we choose  'truths' that confirm our beliefs.

I am now trying to hang on to what I like from that time and shed the baggage. I challenge my beliefs, some have changed others reinforced. My wife and I are living simpler than either has before, to maintain a life we value. We watch our sibs struggle with money, as we have and we decided old houses, used cars and limited credit are better financially as well a mentally. We are working torwards our own Myth of comfort and sanity.  I can not expect it to be, because I work hard or 'deserve it', that statement is a joke we deserve nothing good or bad. You get what you get and make the best of it, that is what we are doing making the best of it, honestly it is pretty good even with a car without AC and a old analog TV.