Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fun find at a thrift store:Mac Powerbook 190cs

I am by no means a Mac fan, but; I do like messing with old tech. My wife and I went  to her parents home this past weekend. We went thrift store shopping, this is one of our few common interest. Saw a lot of old skies, bookcases, eighty plus copies of Neil Diamond LP's and The Road Less Traveled. I always look for old computers and turntables and cool records find any of those for a good deal is always fun. Usually the computers are way overpriced, however this time I found a Macintosh Powerbook 190cs, the last model to use the Motorola 68040 processor with a 500MB HDD and 8MB of RAM. I got it for $5USD it would not boot at the Thriftstore, for 5 bucks it was worth the risk. I got it home cleaned it up a bit, plugged it in had to hit the reset button and voila it fired up. Have not got to tinker with it much, I may try to install Linux on it at some point. Here a few picks of my find.