Saturday, March 6, 2010


I started using Ubuntu in 2006, one thing I liked was that it looked different from XP and OSX. Ubuntu was distinctively Ubuntu, that was part of the draw. In the last year it seems like Ubuntu has started to want emulate OSX. I really do not get that, not because I think OSX aesthetically is bad, it is just OSX . If you want to tweak your desktop to look like OSX, cool. That is the beauty of FOSS, we have choice. I just believe that introducing a distro to someone and saying well it looks like OSX is bad , like a FREE OSX clone. It could  set people up for a let down, because at the core Ubuntu is very different.  Ubuntu should be the light, not follow in the shadow. I love the innovativeness of this community and this seems like a departure.

 There is a lot of innovation in the Ubuntu,Linux and FOSS community at large. The breakthrough of the Nouveau drivers. Challenges like Jono's call for Apps got people like me to try to create an applet, he inspired quite a few people to innovate. Also the way this community bands together, like the reaction to Shawn Powers tragic house fire, the community pitched in what they could.  There is always amazing community art being added, all of this is what I love about Ubuntu and FOSS. Maybe this OSX look is a step towards something else, something different. Like a sketch you start with what is familiar then work in the other elements. I just think we have to be careful and not confuse imitation for innovation.