Monday, March 1, 2010

Programs guilty for security?

Today at my Moms, she complained that her program Family Tree Maker 2005 was not working. I got to messing about and saw that it would run in the Admin account, but; not in the user accounts. Ugh, this is annoying I checked the registry keys, adding my Moms user to have full access, did a reboot still no dice. I am sure once I search around there will be a tweak to remedy this issue. The problem I see is, if I was not around their answer would be to make everybody admin. What is more valuable, running all the software you want regardless of how lax security is or tight security limiting the use of certain programs. The obvious answer is, you should be able to have decent security measures and run the software you want. Limiting access of the Family Tree program only to admin seems silly. This makes me wonder how often Windows gets blamed for the poor security polices of other software vendors. It would be nice to know if a program met Windows basic security standards, like seal of approval. I would hope the Family tree product has solved this bug with there newer versions.