Sunday, March 14, 2010

Putting the buttons back to the right side in Mint, Ubuntu

Ok, I do not like the buttons on the left with the new Ubuntu themes, however I do like the the Ambiance theme. I had installed the theme following the Web Upd8 tutorial. I moved the buttons back to the right side, it is kind of funny that the movement of a colon to left or right would cause such a stir.  I opened up gconf-editor using Alt+F2,

Then selected  apps>metacity>general>button layout

Then all you have to do is move the colon from the right of close as it is above to the left of maximize as it is below. You can see the title bar reflects the change.

Of course now I got curious to mess with the order I tried it "maximize,minimize:close" and "close:maximize,minimize"

 Interesting how even a dislike can be learned from, I have  left my buttons split like the bottom example.