Thursday, March 4, 2010

"we need to install software", NOT!

I am continually surprised how companies want us to install software for trivial ends.  I saw an add on Hulu for a Pedigree product, I clicked the link, there was an offer for a 1 dollar off coupon. I clicked that link, it gave me a "we don't support your OS" warning. To try to get the coupon,  I  used user agent switcher , I thought it would just pop up a simple print dialog screen, instead of this.

Wow, they really don't support my OS it is not just user agent issue,  you may wonder why was I surprised. Well because I have got that warning with other sites, by using user agent switcher, I was able to bypass it. I wonder how many people will actually install this software(seems like adware to me) for a 1 dollar off coupon. I am always surprised when companies want to install software on my computer for stupid stuff like this.  This is like a friend saying "Hey can I piss in your potted plants" , NO!