Sunday, April 18, 2010

Home again Home again...

We just got back from working at the in-laws house. They had a few things they needed to get fixed before they sell their house. It was not to bad just made for a long weekend, but; they were very happy to have it done.

This Spring has started off with a bang, from a nothing blah kind of winter. I have been having fun putting a few miles on my road bike, trying to use it for local errands. A old friend and I have been going out MTB trails in the area. The trails are fun, still wish there were a few more jumps. Each trail has its own personality, I believe they reflect the maintainers of the trails riding style.

My art show is a bit more than half way finished and I have received some decent feedback people. That is always nice feel like the year has started off well I do not feel as pessimistic as others around me. What will be will be all I can do is enjoy each day.