Saturday, May 22, 2010

Abiword, Google Chrome and Mint 9

I had been using Linux Mint 8, upgraded to Mint 9 starting with the RC and I have to say it has been flawless. I really like the distro, it has a good community around it. Also since it is a derivative of Ubuntu the knowledge base is very wide. I really have grown to love the slab type application menu in Mint. One change in this release that I like is with Tomboy notes. Now I can just right click the panel applet and it has a synchronize option. I liked it when I had noticed in Fedora before. I am also glad they left the window buttons on the right side. Not that it is a big deal to fire up gconf-editor and make that change, but; if I do not have to that is even better.
Today I had a .docx file to open in I tried Open Office none of the columns were lined up. So I tried Google docs and Windows live Office. They both just put everything in one column, going from 8 pages to 16. So for one last try I opened it up in Abiword 2.8.2, it was perfect everything looked correct. This one of those problems I am rarely confronted with I never use .docx format and only use .doc when required. I am going to give Abiword a new look it has been awhile since I used it.
Talking about new looks I have been using Google Chrome again. It is much better than I remembered it the last time. I can tell a difference between it and Firefox. Chrome feels snappier, I like that the url bar and search bar are one in the same, that took a little getting used to. I miss tagging from Firefox, I would like to see that added. I also do not care for the triple click to select all in the url bar, this annoys me it feels a little to spastic. Over all though it has progressed to a point were I like it better than the current release of Firefox. I am interested to see what Firefox does to step it up and I am sure they will.