Monday, May 31, 2010

Impatiens and Volunteer Tomatoes

We planted some impatiens today, they really liven the yard up with a bit of color.  My old Boss from Windy Hill Nursery kindly gave me a flat for around the house in trade for some emergency computer work.
 I used to plant a whole flat when we first moved in, i only needed a half flat. Since we have lived here for a few years other plants have taken up space that was once filled with impatiens. Our roses bloomed for the first times since we lived here and our iris's bloomed beautifully as well. The iris's will need thinned out this Fall we will put them on our ratty looking hill which is partially being taken over by the hosta's I planted two seasons ago. The weeds are ever pervasive though so it is a slow won battle.

 My wife planted the garden again this year, the plants are growing amazingly well. All of her different types of lettuce are growing, and we got our first radish out of the garden today. We will have fresh salads with dinner soon. Her beans are growing well along with the broccoli and a  volunteer cucumber plant. Sadly her tomatoes and peppers do not seem to be growing. Happily we found  some "volunteer" tomato plants growing in our compost pile. We dug them up and transplanted them to the garden. We have no idea what type of tomato plants they are, which makes it kind of  fun.  We may be dicing a whole lot of cherry tomatoes to put on our sandwich's. It has been a funny summer, since I am no longer landscaping for work, our yard is getting the full treatment.