Thursday, June 24, 2010

File sharing, LPD Printing From Linux to Windows 7

We just added a Windows machine to the network, it has the printer connected to it. I wanted to be able to print from my Linux computers to the Windows 7 printer. I first tried to use Samba,  file sharing worked between Windows and Linux, not the printer share. Then decided to try using LPD instead of Samba for the printer share. Had to install LPD Services in Windows 7 Start Menu> Control Panel> Programs> Turn Windows Features on and Off select LPD Print Service.
Did a restart of Windows 7,not for sure it was needed figured it would not hurt. After the restart I hit the Windows key typed in Services it showed up as the first selection,  hit enter. then under Services looked for LPD then right clicked selected properties and checked to make sure it was set to automatic and started.
Menu>System>Administration>Printing after I selected printing the dialog comes up there is a add button  selected that then it brings up dialog to choose either local or network I went to network and choose lpd enter my info and then followed the dialogs and that was it. I found with windows I had to change the firewall setting to allow printer sharing. After that I was able to print perfectly.