Friday, June 25, 2010

Wifes Hours Cut

My wife and her co-workers were given a choice between being terminated or going part-time, and had to make this decision in twenty-four hours. The companies numbers are down so they have to make reductions, I do not know the financial state of the company so I won't speculate whether or not these were the correct cuts. What gets under my skin how their director handled the meeting to inform the employees. Then promptly after informing them of the staff reduction she left the job site and made herself unavailable till next Monday, I think that is dirty. She has  the responsibility at least be available during work hours for questions and help with expediting answers from other departments. During the meeting she did not have all of the information they needed to make a informed decision. Such as what or if there was going to be a severance package, will a cobra plan for insurance be offered and many more questions like this. Treating employees that are having hours reduced or laid off with no respect is fowl. Most people  if given the truth can greater understand the choices made instead all of this verbal kung-fu. Know one wants to lose hours or their job, but; if faced with it they would rather be treated like professionals instead of three year old's. If someone behaves like a child than at that point deal with them accordingly. Other wise treat them with respect not disdain, just yesterday these employees were trusted with the assets of the company and today they are treated like children with a hostile, dismissive attitude.  Be square with people help them make informed decisions, I think you would be surprised at how loyal employees can be when treated with respect. Hell I am surprised at how loyal employees are when treated like crap.