Friday, July 16, 2010

Failed HDD(hard drive)

A friend of mine had  posted on Facebook that their computer was dead. I contacted them and after talking to him, I asked to take a look at it. I  thought maybe it was the HDD failing, by his description. He took to me to dinner for payment to fix the laptop, which I must say dinner at Coco's was quite a fair trade. I brought his laptop home tried to boot it kept failing, it would post fine start windows then crap out.  I ran a LiveUSB of Fedora to see if it would boot, it did just fine. Fedora gave a warning of a failing HDD. I ran GWSCAN to check the drive, it came up bad. After that I replaced the drive with a new HDD and reinstalled Windows. Now the fun part! I told him I would destroy the old drive.

First thing I did was to remove the case cover

 then had to remove the platters

Then to smash the platters!


I first tried to cut the platters not checking to see if they were glass or aluminum. I thought they were metal, nope they were glass sending little shards around. Change of plans I took a hammer and chisel to them that was more fun anyhow!