Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Final step to play DVD's in Ubuntu 10.04

I have recently installed Ubuntu 10.04 on my Desktop everything went well. I installed ubuntu-restricted-extras package so I could play certain restricted formats. I tried to play a DVD the other day I it would not play. I had forgotten  after installing the libdvdread4 package to run in a terminal:

sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/

I had remembered that I had to do this step, because I had done this since Edgy. Not because of the error message I received something like " the data stream was unreadable". I am not sure people would look any further other than thinking Ubuntu was broken.  I would expect that script to be run during the installation of  ubuntu-restricted-extras or libdvdvread4. No, it was a extra step to be done. to be remembered to be done not prompted. I can see this being a problem for the very average user, such as my Mom. Maybe when a DVD is inserted a popup could advise you to install ubuntu-restricted-extras and that this script would be run automatically. It would be similar to the popup that Rhythmbox gives to play mp3's from ubuntu-one or any other source. I believe for some people it could be a deal breaker when there is no reason for it.