Monday, July 12, 2010

Fix:Squeaking Antec Tri-Cool fan

image from Antec site
I have a Antec Tri-Cool 120mm fan that would squeak when I set it on the two highest speed settings. That was annoying, I was resolved to swap it either for a new Tri-Cool fan I would have to buy or a 90mm fan I already own. When I took the fanout of the case to replace it today I inspected it for play or odd wear. I did not see anything, there was not any play on the spindle/axle. I thought well maybe it just needed cleaned or more grease.

I took it apart by removing the Antec sticker on the fan that held a rubber plug in place to retain the grease.

The fan spindle was held in place with a Teflon retaining washer. I removed it by using a x-acto knife to spread the washer wide enough to clear the spindle. This washer had a break in it where I was able to insert the blade.

  After it was removed there was a o-ring at either side of the spindle to retain the grease further.I removed the fan blades and spindle from the  body.

  As I inspected the fan I saw long har wrapped around the spindle and a little dust. I removed the hair removed the dust with compressed air and then a soft rag. To re-esemble it I used a little synthetic grease I had, I probably should have used dielectric grease, but; since I was just tinkering and did not have any on hand. I went with the synthetic because I knew it was good for high rpm lubricant, and it is a fine grease compared to say wheel bearing grease. I put everything back as it was snapped the retaining washer on the spindle. I needed to secure the rubber plug, but; the Antec stickers adhesive was not up to the task anymore. I used the Antec sticker as pattern grabed a vinyl sticker  and cut out a new one to retain the plug.

After that I placed the plug back in, I used rubbing alchol to clean the surface where the sticker was going to adhere. Then I put the sticker back on reinstalled the fan in my computer and  the noise is gone. Saved my self twenty bucks and the whole process took maybe 10 min.   I was glad to keep this fan I have been real happy with it, it moves a good amount of air and is not to noisy.