Sunday, July 11, 2010

Why don't I post my Windows fixes?

I was realizing as I was posting my last fix in Ubuntu how I don't post similar Windows issues. Mostly it is because it does not interest me as much as Linux.  Also some of the things I do in Windows have been blogged about many more times and better than I can. In XP so much of it is motor skills I have been running msconfig and other tune up/clean up resources for so long I do not think of it. Many problems are just GUI issues my wife has adjusting from OSX to Windows 7 and my Mom and Step Dad have going from Xp to Windows 7. Backing up my wifes PC I still use Linux, I use a LiveUSB and  use rsync. I install MSE when I can I like the UI it is simple and clean. MSE has received good ratings as a virus scanner, plus it comes from who wrote the code for the OS. Hopefully they can streamline some of the processes better. One other thing I do, which I know annoys everyone is assign a admin account, strong passwords and standard user accounts for everyday use. Windows 7 makes this much less painful than XP.  Another issue I saw was that HP does not have drivers for some of their older printers to run Windows 7. Curiously enough my Mom's HP printer crapped out shortly after a install of Windows 7, that was just dumb luck. I would think I  would have more to blog about since I just finished working on two different Xp machines. Both of which were suffering terribly from a lack of RAM, malware and the usual clean up issues. I do want to learn more about windows networking below the UI where the config files are and so on. As I read more in A+ I learn more about these issues. I also read a good post on using cmd in Windows written by a UNIX hacker. I believe that is all of the rambling I have today.