Monday, September 27, 2010

Ohio Linux Fest

I attended the OLF the weekend of Sept 10-12. I for the LPI Exam Cram hosted by D.L.Corbet and Associates. I wanted to attend this class to gauge my Linux knowledge base. I felt like my estimation of my knowledge was pretty right on, I figured going in, I would need to study a bit more before the test. I was afraid I would go in and feel completely lost, I was glad I did not .

After the exam cram I walked around the Short North in Columbus, I started on the main strip. I found myself bored pretty quickly, I dipped back into a neighborhood, it was nice, a quiet neighborhood with a lot of energy, people were out enjoying the cool evening air. I stumbled onto a park it was amazing, found a bench to sketch and watch people as they enjoy the park, it was a nice time.  I walked around the block to check out all of the old cool Victorian homes, then headed back to the Hotel. I stopped by a Beer and Wine store picked up a nice IPA and some smokes. One of the guys from the local SIG  put me up at the last minute which was cool. We talked for a bit then went to sleep to get ready for the next day.

We got up and had breakfast at the hotel, got to talking and missed Stormy Peters Keynote. Once I got to the OLF, I attended the PC-BSD track by Dru Lavigne she gave a pretty good talk. As the day went on the talks only got better.  Ethan Galstad from Nagios discussed how to monitor your IT infrastructure. The community around Nagios is pretty impressive also.  John Wills of the Chef project by Opscode shared some interesting info, a little beyond my scope, still very interesting. One of my favourite talks of the day was by Kevin Otte, his talk was about IPv6. He gave a very informative talk and was able to convey complex concepts in simple terms. The audience in all of these talk contributed a wealth of info and asked intelligent questions.

I got a lot of free swag, a cool little foam TUX from the Suse guys. I also got some stickers, live cds and a few t-shirts.  The Fedora project  table was giving t-shirts away that said  "I love(heart icon replaced with the Fedora icon) freedom" but to get the shirt we had to put the shirt on right there. I thought that was a little ironic but funny and cool shirt.

I had a good time at the event I am looking forward to next years event.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Little Tweaks

  1. IPv6 has caused issues with web browsing in Fedora for me even Google chrome was Slooooow ! so I issued the commands below and that took care of it chrome was back to its expected speed and so was Firefox. I know IPv6 is coming  until then I will use this.

  • "install ipv6 /bin/true\nblacklist ipv6" > /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-ipv6.conf

  • service ip6tables stop

  • chkconfig ip6tables off

 2. I added my back up script to crontab

  • crontab -e 
added this line it will run on the 1rst and 15th of every month at 12Noon
  •  0 12 1,15 * *
3. I have a few little tweaks using Gconf-editor
  • In Fedora I have to install Gconf-Editor
  • Under metacity
    • I change the apps/metacity/general/action_double_click_titlebar to shade
    • Metacity composting_manager on
    •  Alt+H to Minimize Window
    • run_command_terminal Crtl+Kp_Page_Down(number 3 on number pad)
      • set Terminator as default terminal
  • Under Nautilus
    • uncheck any visible desktop icons
    • click_policy single
    • media_automount_open off
  • I use the default Gnome Menu I turn on the menu icons
    • "desktop>gnome>interface>menus_have_icons"  on
 4. A few Network tweaks
  • Set static network address 
  • Install ssh meta package and sshfs
    • Tweak ssh config files
  • Install Samba meta package
    • Tweak smb.conf
  • Tweak SELinux configuration
    • allow DNS and Multi-DNS
    • allow Samba
 I intend to set most of these tweaks with a script, but; that is on my long list.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

No Dell No Ubuntu, odd.

I just realized that I am not running any version of Ubuntu or a Derivative.  I have been using some version or form of Ubuntu since 2006. Earlier this year I got a new computer giving my Dell to my Mom.

Yesterday I installed Fedora on my desktop in place of LMDE, LMDE was great in all respects except my sound was buggy. I had just replaced my sound card with one that got great reviews of working with Linux. By installing LMDE my new sound card was buggy, and I just loath messing with Pulse Audio to try to track down the issue( I believe it was a conflict between Pulse and Flash) . So I switched to Fedora, I have been running fedora on my laptop for a few months now and have been real happy with it. It seemed like the obvious choice to try on my desktop now,I have got used to using SELinux, it really is not to bad now.

The whole point is it is slightly weird, I switched user names, I am not running Ubuntu or using a Dell PC.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Uni-code input

I learned this week how to use uni-code input in Linux. The key combination is Ctrl+Shift+U then it will flash a u and next to it I would type say ae, hit enter and it would output "®" pretty cool. I almost never need to be able to do this but once in awhile I might want a "Σ" or "⏏". Pretty fun here are a few links.

At least delete your data folks!

I recently was given a few old PC's, I was amazed to find there was still personal info on the hard drives. I always wipe the drives with Dban when I get them like this. I think this is one of those things that we really need to teach people about  destruction of  data before releasing it into the wild. (Admittedly I have a lot to still learn about it my self). We would never just throw your old tax papers in the trash before shredding them. That is what we are doing when we put HDDs out in the world without at least a deleting the information or formatting the drive. Neither of these truly destroys the data, but; for most people it would seem that way. Ultimatley any data can be retrieved from these disk, it is just how far would some one go to retrieve it. To truly destroy the data you could physicalley destroy the media.  

I believe most people are honest and will at least reformat the drive or delete the old files, It unfortunately only takes one jerk.

Here are a couple videos of destroying HDD's

Facebook drama really?

I am so surprised when friends start to tell me about drama in their lives,  and that it started on Facebook. That is crazy, I avoid drama as much as I can. To have it spill over from Facebook or to Facebook would be to much, of course I have to admit I barley use Facebook. I keep in touch with a few old friends via Facebook one of which I can not get in touch with other wise.  So I can not truly relate, I am glad for that.