Saturday, September 25, 2010

No Dell No Ubuntu, odd.

I just realized that I am not running any version of Ubuntu or a Derivative.  I have been using some version or form of Ubuntu since 2006. Earlier this year I got a new computer giving my Dell to my Mom.

Yesterday I installed Fedora on my desktop in place of LMDE, LMDE was great in all respects except my sound was buggy. I had just replaced my sound card with one that got great reviews of working with Linux. By installing LMDE my new sound card was buggy, and I just loath messing with Pulse Audio to try to track down the issue( I believe it was a conflict between Pulse and Flash) . So I switched to Fedora, I have been running fedora on my laptop for a few months now and have been real happy with it. It seemed like the obvious choice to try on my desktop now,I have got used to using SELinux, it really is not to bad now.

The whole point is it is slightly weird, I switched user names, I am not running Ubuntu or using a Dell PC.