Monday, September 27, 2010

Ohio Linux Fest

I attended the OLF the weekend of Sept 10-12. I for the LPI Exam Cram hosted by D.L.Corbet and Associates. I wanted to attend this class to gauge my Linux knowledge base. I felt like my estimation of my knowledge was pretty right on, I figured going in, I would need to study a bit more before the test. I was afraid I would go in and feel completely lost, I was glad I did not .

After the exam cram I walked around the Short North in Columbus, I started on the main strip. I found myself bored pretty quickly, I dipped back into a neighborhood, it was nice, a quiet neighborhood with a lot of energy, people were out enjoying the cool evening air. I stumbled onto a park it was amazing, found a bench to sketch and watch people as they enjoy the park, it was a nice time.  I walked around the block to check out all of the old cool Victorian homes, then headed back to the Hotel. I stopped by a Beer and Wine store picked up a nice IPA and some smokes. One of the guys from the local SIG  put me up at the last minute which was cool. We talked for a bit then went to sleep to get ready for the next day.

We got up and had breakfast at the hotel, got to talking and missed Stormy Peters Keynote. Once I got to the OLF, I attended the PC-BSD track by Dru Lavigne she gave a pretty good talk. As the day went on the talks only got better.  Ethan Galstad from Nagios discussed how to monitor your IT infrastructure. The community around Nagios is pretty impressive also.  John Wills of the Chef project by Opscode shared some interesting info, a little beyond my scope, still very interesting. One of my favourite talks of the day was by Kevin Otte, his talk was about IPv6. He gave a very informative talk and was able to convey complex concepts in simple terms. The audience in all of these talk contributed a wealth of info and asked intelligent questions.

I got a lot of free swag, a cool little foam TUX from the Suse guys. I also got some stickers, live cds and a few t-shirts.  The Fedora project  table was giving t-shirts away that said  "I love(heart icon replaced with the Fedora icon) freedom" but to get the shirt we had to put the shirt on right there. I thought that was a little ironic but funny and cool shirt.

I had a good time at the event I am looking forward to next years event.