Thursday, October 28, 2010

A bit of a rant

Why work for a vacation find a vocation that is the vacation. A vocation provides the social stimulation, the new events, the change of scenery that everyone else has to plan. I want to have a vocation, not a "job" or "work"  I can appreciate laboring to achieve something. I question when it is done to achieve some one else's goals, most of us live in that place and a lot of us are just fine with it. I was at Emery, my work never bettered the world, never left an indelible mark on humanity. When I bring up Emery World Wide, local people have never heard of the place. It has only been I believe five years since it closed, that is sad but it is a fact.

Why cheer lead a system that only applauds conformity?

It is the Einsteins, the Torvalds of the world I want to emulate. People who did something amazing for no other reason than to scratch and itch.

Some say life is short, I say it is long, youth is short. Flexibility of the mind is even shorter, life is long 70, 80 a 100 years. To live that long in a rigid system prepared by people I have never met is crazy. To live by rules that are fifty years old with out reflection is crazy. To live by rules written by people who did not even have running water, is insanity. There are truths that span the history of humans, there are others that need to die. We are losing ourselves to a time that could have never fathomed a cell phone let alone a toilet. I want to live now, not for a future I can't  guess at or a past I remember selectively. So finding a life that is a vocation is my goal. Not living with the ghost of some one else's dreams.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Self Loathing Linux Users

Every now and then I read or hear a Linux user wax poetically about everything Apple. My first thought is "why don't you switch to Apple if you love it so much?" The part that gets under my skin, is when they start to talk about what Linux needs to do is follow Apples lead. Following Apples lead would only make Linux a clone of Apple. Who wants that? I as many users prefer Linux to Apple, aesthetics too. Use what you like, why look longly at the Apple store with envy. When all you have to do is walk in hand them your Penguin and take a bite from the big white Apple.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dirt, food and friends

We have been out with some friends checking out Fort Collins were they live. It has been a good trip  we have spent quite a bit of time riding around town checking out the scenes. We have gone to few restaurants and have had some good food  We ate at Jay's Bistro on the first day for lunch. My favorite place is Lucille's we had one of their deserts "Beignets - Homemade New Orleans style donuts"    and their coffee is excellent. 
image from Harmon

We went to a pump/jump track outside of town it was fun a little windy but nice we had a good time.





After we finished riding we went for a hike, then back to home base, via the grocery store to pick up snacks. Later we went to see the FoCo Roller Derby girls it was a fun time the girls rocked. One of the girls got injured I hope she is well soon. It was a fun time and odd, two of my teenage worlds collided, Punk rock and roller rinks. when I was growing they were to very different worlds not so much any more. The Punk aesthetic has penetrated the Roller rinks.

It has been fun we miss the mutts a bit we will see them soon :)