Monday, November 29, 2010

Coffee: pour over and espresso pot

I had used a drip maker for quite some time, then a couple of years ago I tried using the pour over method. I try things like this because I enjoy the process and trying something new. I had read a few blogs where they talked about most drip makers do not get the water hot enough(195-205F) to extract the flavor from the bean effectively. It interest me to see if there was a taste difference by getting the water to a proper temperature. The drip coffee makers that get the water hot enough were way out of my price range for an experiment. So I tried the pour over method, it did make a better cup of coffee

The taste difference was that of going from Folger's ground coffee to a whole bean coffee from a local roaster. I read that if you use a bur grinder over a blade grinder that it would process the bean better for flavor extraction. I still use bur grinder and I have a blade type also, I must admit my pallet is not discerned enough to taste the difference. Although I enjoyed the process of hand grinding the beans.

I recently purchased a espresso pot for brewing coffee.

A friend a I stayed with used one this way and it makes a nice cup of coffee. It is convenient when I want a quick cup of coffee. Less clean up then the pour over method and it makes a stronger brew.