Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Freecycle and Goodwill

 We had some bedding we were not sure what to do with, so I emailed our local Goodwill to see if they would accept it. They said Yes they would take used pillows and comforters. 

Before I had received a response from Goodwill, I thought I would see if anyone in our local Freecycle was interested in the items.  Sure enough I had found homes for these items, as well as a few other odd things. I had a bucket of 1" tiles and 4" clay tiles that someone was able to use for mosaics. I usually take extra things to Goodwill,if they are really odd things I put them at our curb, if no one takes them, then I try Freecycle.

Another nice thing Goodwill  does with the help of Dell; they accept old computers and hardware. They use/resell what is still good and recycle whatever is not usable.

I would recommend everyone checking out there local Goodwill and Freecycle group. All of this may take a little more work then throwing stuff in the trash. I think it is worth it, it may save someone else a few bucks. It has saved me a few dollars along the way.