Monday, November 29, 2010

Ok paid for school!

I have paid for my math class. It is kind of like paying someone to sand the skin off of the back of my hands. I choose my Prof via the Rate My Professor site, which was very helpful. Now I will have to wait to see if it was accurate.

I have had a hard time paring up with Math teachers. The last teacher at this same school was very busy in his personal life. He would slack on answering email questions.He sent us all an email telling us how busy he was outside of our course. I have to say I do not care, I was there to try to learn Math. The teacher before him at the same school would not stay focused. He would start teaching us the method we were supposed to learn. Then he would delve off in other methods. He would say "you could also do it this way, but not on the test" really I do not need ten ways to do it. I want to get it down one way solid, before I move on to all of the tricks.

Before them I have not had math since highschool, I honestly can only rember three math teachers from K-12. One teacher was primarly a science techer who got stuck teaching math. Another in 7th grade seemed like he was stoned the whole time. The third teacher I remember, was when I was not attending school much. On occasion I would show up to school, usually to catch up on Art. Some how I always showed up on test day, which I actually did well. It may be too bad that I did not attend her class fulltime I think she may have been a good Math teacher for me.

Enough looking back, I am hopeful that my new Math teacher will present the work in a way I can understand and learn.