Monday, November 22, 2010

Poetry from J.J. Campbell

My friend J.J. released a new chap book "Suicide Porn" with Interior Noise Press I always look forward to reading his work. I enjoy his sense of irony,testing the limits of peoples comfort zones. J.J. made me rethink my limits when we worked together 1o years ago at Emery. His latest Chap book has done this again testing my pre-conceived notions of J.J.; with poems like "life on the farm". He writes poems with themes I look forward to, like "my personal pam grier".  One of my favorites poems by J.J. from "Suicide Porn" is:

seven kittens

two of my cats
had seven kittens

i'm refusing to
name them until
they make it
through a winter

adequate protection
from the elements
mind you but none
from the larger
animals whose
meals aren't
provided by

i figure whoever
makes it to march
will be blessed
with a name they'll
never understand

literary ghosts
now shitting in
my barn

If you are looking for some honest poetry. Buy his chap book, and support a local artist and small press. Unless of course you are looking for poems about daisies, This may not be for you because some one may be pissing on the daisies here.