Sunday, November 14, 2010

Update on my Boinc/Dog Cam project.

Today I wanted to move the Boinc/Dog cam box out of the way. I decided to hang it on a wall with two angle brackets to support it and bungee cords to keep it from falling off.  The HDD was loud so I tried a different drive in hopes that it would be quieter. The new HDD is silent, then I installed Debian Lenny. As with Mint 9 I had to install backports to get my wireless usb stick to work. A few more config files to edit and I will be done, I want the wireless to connect and the web cam to start at boot up. Also I want to get my main computer to notify me if the Debian box is not running or connected.  Might be an opportunity to look at Nagios all though that may be overkill, for my needs.

The new placement.

Picture from the Dog cam.