Wednesday, December 8, 2010


DIASPORA, originally uploaded by highfructose327.

Received a note and a sticker from the guys at Diaspora. Looking forward to getting an invite as they roll them out.

inspired by trash

inspired by trash, originally uploaded by highfructose327.

Some more rust circles. Not sure where this experiment is going. I am getting a kick out of messing with paper right now.

More Hacking on my webpage

I was looking at some Creative Commons CSS style sheets.  As  I was looking at the source pages I realized that it made some sense to me. So I started hacking a page together came up with this

It has a drop down menu and a search bar which are new and the layout is different. Below are some of the resources I used. One which helped was a color picker to choose the color and there corresponding color code. I will put some images in the background later.



Monday, December 6, 2010

Life unseen

I know it is cliché at this point, but when you stop and look there is cool stuff to be seen. I was clearing a light layer of snow of the drive way and saw a bunch of frozen footprints. I am guessing they were Red Squirrels looking for food. Mostly because it was under the the tree they guard during the summer, Grey squirrels beware. Nearby I saw some cat footprints looking for squirrels I am guessing. Here are a few pictures of the footprints and a closeup of a vine a little color in winter.

Squirrel prints under the tree

close up 1 of squirrel prints

close up 2 of squirrel prints
what I believe to be a cat print

from a vine on the squirrel tree

Sunday, December 5, 2010

HTML fun

The Dog Cam project has opened a new can of worms. Since I have a defacto web page, I have started messing with it to see what is possible. Currently I do not have it linked to the outside world. I do have a DNS that I able to make it live pretty easy but it would be a generic domain name. I can not see paying for domain name and the service for tinkering around. Also I am no 100% sure I want to host it locally. I have and whopping five links. Three redirect to external sites while one shows a local copy of my resume and the other is the Dog Cam.  I imagine I will go live with it at some point but for now this is the big excitement. I am sure I will edit it more I believe the next step is to look at CSS style sheets

Screenshot of my exciting web page

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Art from what would have been trash

These two pieces of paper were placed under the legs of a table when I steamed the carpet. I pulled them out from the legs, they had these rust color rings. Then I just started drawing on them outlining the rust spots, then it became it own thing. I may do more, they were a good meditation.