Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Art, dogs and dogfooding

I was online recently and saw that someone had used a piece of my art in another piece. That was flattering although I would have liked to have been given attribution. This was a piece I did long before CC licensing, I would have never copyrighted something like this.  I actually do not care to much, I thought it was an interesting moment for me to finally come up against my beliefs to see how I reacted.

This was the second time of recent were I came up against my beliefs, the metal of my resolve was tested. When my oldest dog passed away I found no comfort in the idea of her going to doggy heaven. What I found comfort in was that she was no longer going to suffer from the horrible seizures she was having. I found comfort in the fact that her remains were going to be used as fertilizer. My Father In law said she was now to doggy heaven and frankly that just urked me. I know he meant no harm it just ran through me at the moment. I left it alone and my that wife corrected him which I appreciated.

I think it is great when we have the opportunity to see if the things we believe in help us with integrity, respect and comfort. Life is long and living in world trying to  conform because you "should" will just make it miserable IMHO.