Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bad Comparisons

I am reading a new book, about the anti-vaccine movement. One point that bothered me is the comparison of Doctors who give vaccines to kids, to people like Josef Mengele. Do we realize the horrors that went on in the concentration camps? To trivialize these horrors  I believe is a shameful thing. We have all seen political, physical and personal things that seem awful. But very few alive today really have an idea of what living under Nazi rule was like. Even fewer know first hand the horrors of what was done to the Jews and other minorities in Nazi Germany. So to compare what the Government ask or a Doctor "insist" on doing, but; yet you can still say no to. This is a big difference from having no choice at all.  The victims in the concentration camps were treated like live stock; there to run twisted experiments on. How many of us have really experienced this ? I know I have felt like someone else is making the choices for me that I do not like. The major difference is I can move, I can get educated I can walk away from all of this with out any physical repercussions. Bottom line is we all  have a choice, the people in the concentration camps did not. So lets stop comparing our leaders to Hitler, lets stop trying to elevate a personally bad situation to the horrors of Nazi Germany. Not to let people of the hook whom have done something bad, but; to create and honest debate.  Instead of ad hominem attacks, that is just to easy and lazy.