Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I remember going to some of the Steel towns in my teens and in my twenties. At the time I thought how dark the mood was in those towns how hopeless it seemed. I never began to think of my town every being that way, we had GM, Mead, Chrysler, NCR and Emery.  Things were well in my town people had money and jobs and you could usally find a decent job. Now things look a lot like what I remember the steel towns did a decade or more ago, there is a malaise in our town now. I suppose there is a chance things could get better. Some of the steel towns made changes and are doing better. I am just not sure I will be able to wait that long, things to think about. One thing I am glad to see in my town is the Art community is still alive. There are still creative things going on, that is good. It will never be the town I grew up in, but; maybe with a collective will it can be a better place.