Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Recording old Punk records.

Over the last year I have used Audacity to split tracks of  punk records I have copied to a digital format. It is fun to be able to listen to these records when I am not at home. I am sure I am doing an awful job of it, a true audiophile would never use the lo-fi way of recording I have used.  Although there is something to lo-fi way that speaks to recording punk records.

My process is t I plug in my IAudio 7 player in to my receiver and record the records with it. Then after that I transfer the resulting wma to my computer. I have to convert it into a file type Audacity will handle. I use Sound Converter for this task now I can open it with Audacity. With Audacity I can copy each track from the sound file and create and export a new file. Audacity will also add a ID3 tag for me, I use that as a book mark.  After I have all of the tracks split up, I use Easytag to retag them as a batch. This way I can make sure that I do not have any typos. I can rename each field as a batch when needed. i.e. Artist, Genre and Album name. Easytag will also let me add album art to the tag if I like. I may do this but I also add a file called folder.jpg to the album folder I am  working on, then I am done.

I have thought about learning to tweak the sound quality but for now this method works. I am guessing I would need to be able to capture the sound file in a higher quality format. That is home work for another day.