Sunday, March 20, 2011

3 Projects done

I was able to get three projects wrapped or finished this weekend. The garage was in desperate need of cleaning up and shuffling of winter equipment into storage and summer stuff out. Now all I need to do is take my Mom's porch swing over to her house and sell the Homaco 2-Post Relay Rack that I have in there.

I finally finished electric outlet to the attic, I had been dragging my feet to finish that one. But now it is done so no more dragging the extension chord down to run the fan.

Last but not least I flashed my router with DD-Wrt firmware, well worth it. A favorite feature  is being able to assign static ip address from the router by mac address. Instead of having to set a static address on each device, this will be a time saver. The factory firmware seemed to be dropping wifi connections a lot.  I was restarting wireless on devices, because it was not communicating correctly even though it was connected. That problem is gone it also seems like my signal strength is better. There are many more reasons which I will go into later.