Saturday, March 5, 2011

Busy creating doing math and burning up braincells

Been busy with school have got in to a creative bend recently so the art is pouring out. It is always an odd thing the way creativity waxes and wanes for me .  I have two new paintings I am working on

I also been toying with making electronic things but nothing had come to me until the other day. I heard a podcast talking about making a bristle bot. I did not have an old tooth brush that fit the bill. So I made it out of card board, wire and old vibration motor from a cell phone.

I have also been getting my bike ready for riding season. My tires had worn flat in the back and I was sick of my bullhorn handle bars. I just installed new tires and bars I have to wrap the bars yet then I am ready to go!

Math is going well I am maintaining a high B average. Keep my fingers crossed and we will see how it goes. I have four more quarters of math to go before I am done. Three quarters of algebra to take business math.