Wednesday, March 16, 2011

ENT Rip Off

We wonder why our health care system is so askew. I went to an ENT on the recommendation of my regular Doctor. I sat down with the ENT for 20 minutes he spent three minutes looking up my nose not with a flash light or anything we think of as technology. What he used was tech back in the 1800's maybe. Then he told me what I already new that I have a severe deviated septum. He explained what the surgery would be like and how long it would take. I then spent five minutes with his assistant who scheduled my surgery. So I paid my ten dollar co-pay and left, well then my insurance company would not pay for anything until we gave them prove of marriage. We did that and then my wife's job paid the insurance company late so we were technically terminated until the payment was caught up. In all of that I saw what the ENT charged 444.00 USD holy f@$k really. For twenty minutes, we still may be on the line to pay that. That just pisses me off, my regular Dr. gave me a shot of steroids for my nasal congestion, did blood work, a full physical, a tetanus shot and took a biopsy of a suspect spot. All of this over two visits for maybe 500 USD that feels fair. The ENT seems like a rip off, I am not sure what all of the answers but I believe things like this are part of the problem.