Monday, March 14, 2011

Good News? please

I just want to turn on the local news for once and be disgusted because all they  do is talk about is nice things. I know things happen and it is important to report some of this information. At some point it just becomes drivel and takes the meaning away from things when they really do matter. We are all in a panic about the next worst thing, even the happiest people I know are like this. They do not even recognize it, when the first thing they say to me or others is did you hear about bad thing x . No I did not, and before you tell me is it relevant to my life. Next are you going to be upset when I get agitated about whatever the bad news it is. If you answer No to the first and Yes to the second than maybe keep it to yourself. Or do not feel empowered to try to calm me down, that just makes it worse. We all seem to be purveyors in horror and bad news, really think about the last conversation you started. Was it about something happy or fun, or was it about something terrible about your job, the state, country or another country. If you started with a negative maybe start with a positive and as a side note make people aware of a situation. If you have no constructive ideas stirring the pot at work or home is just being dramatic. And you are making other peoples lives harder. They already no what sucks at work or home or even around the world. I want to be informed about things around me but I wish news casters and people would tell me the facts and then be quiet. I do not care about your opinion or speculation, if I want either of those I will seek them out from a professional or academic in the related field. I do not want them from some one who has been near something a dozen times. That does not make you an expert. how many of have we been in a car and can not even change our own oil. I am near a car every day it does not make me a professional mechanic.  I can tell you my opinion about other drives about traffic and even road conditions Since I am not an expert, each of these are subjective based solely on my own personal bias.  I am guilty of some of things I need to work on what I lead off with in a conversation. It weighs heavy on other people i want to tell them good news. I want to hear good news something exciting to you. Your passion your hobbies, what drives you. Horror and drams gets ratings, my life is not based on what the Neilsen family thinks so ratings don't matter.  tell me about your new socks and how much you love them. I might tell you about how a leading / effects rsync when I do backups, if it excites me or you that is good.You should want to hear that from people even if you are not sure what they mean but they are passionate. If you have a flat I want to hear from so we can fix it and help you move on with your day to something you are passionate about.