Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Letter I sent to my Senators and Representative

Dear Sir
America Invents Act looks like a mistake  to me. Because of this reason alone, making the patent system a first-to-file system rather than the current first-to-invent system. This strips the control of the invention out the hands of the inventor. It will give control to those who can file quickly and efficiently but may have never invented a single thing, similar to Patent trolls. I would expect to see the patent office inundated with patent disputes because of this Act. Between this and COICA, it really seems from where I am standing. All of the control is being channeled to well established companies and away from the garage/internet inventors and small business. Small business keeps paying higher taxes and has to pay to play schemes of the bigger companies. This seems like one more burden to make small business and home inventors less viable. One other problem I see with this instead of inventors sharing their findings(which might help another project) they will be inclined to hide their finding until they can file. I just think this like COICA will do nothing less then to stifle creativity and make us all behave like a bunch of greedy little piggies.
Steve Burdine