Friday, March 11, 2011

My new Music player:Android HTC Incredible

We have a phone service with Verizon and we were do a free phone. So I purchased the HTC Incredible to use mostly as a Music Player. The Music player I bought a Sansa Fuze+ the GUI is to clunky when dealing with a large music collection. It did not a have a search option or folder navigation. It was also very picky about ID3 tag format, all of this made it work to use. The HTC has been the opposite it runs smoothy I had my pick of music applications in the Android Market. I choose Songbird,
  1. I am familar with the Songbird
  2. it supports ogg vorbis
  3. it has a search function 
  4. it also scrolls easliy
  5. not picky about ID3 tags
The only things I could see as a problem are

  1. Songbird does not have folder view
  2. if you have a DRM encumbered Music collection there are no options for playing these files. That has to do with who sold you the Music and not Android. Microsoft and Apple could easily port itunes or a player that plays DRMed wma's. That just have a financial interest in you using their devices.
This is why I recommend people to stop buying Music through itunes or the Microsoft equivalent or anyone who sells digital files with DRM. Amazon Music does not use a DRM scheme nor does Jamendo is another way to check out small artist for free or a small donation.

The HTC has been stellar, I do not use it as a phone the $30 dollar ransom that Verizon wants for their data package is a rip off. I am sure as soon as I would add Verizon into the mix it will take the HTC from a 5 Star to 3. As a Music player and a WIFI device it has been great. I can check my email while listening to music that is all I need more actually. I will post later about a few of the applications I am using that I really like.