Sunday, March 20, 2011

Recycled batteries, lightbulbs and ink cartridge

We had stock piled s few burnt out CFL's old cell phone, laptop and photo batteries. We also had a few alkaline batteries, I wanted to dispose of them in the correct way. I found that Home Depot will take old CFL's as well as batteries from power tools. Our local parks have a drop off at the 2nd Street Market they accept all household batteries. They have a box at the West end of the building for the batteries. Then I took the old ink cartridges to Office Depot. If you have one of there buyer cards, they will give you some points/credits than can be redeemed later in the store. Overall it was painless I needed ink from Office Depot so it was on the way, Home Depot is around the corner from Office Depot. We shop at the 2nd Street Market, I was able to take the batteries when we were shopping. I am glad they have made this convenient, it made it much simpler for me. That is is always a plus.