Saturday, March 26, 2011

This is fun and cool for me

We had dinner with my Mom and Neil tonight. We were supposed to bring some images of Mom's quilts with us that my wife took. We got caught up in talking and forgot them when went over. So instead of driving back and forth again we took another route : )

The images were copied to a usb drive(orginally to be taken to Mom's). So using scp to copy the images form the USB drive to the home/dog cam/zoneminder server. In the router running DD-WRT a port was opened up to allow FTP traffic through. Using Logmein to Login into Mom's Windows 7 box, to open up an explorer window. In the address bar type the FTP address and drag and drop the images to her desktop. Log out close the port and rm the files from the server and done!

That is cool and fun for me : )  Below are the quilts, I like the orange one best.